April 29, 2012

Siren by Tricia Rayburn

During their annual family summer vacation Vanessa’s sister, Justine, washes up on the shore dead.  Justine had been cliff jumping earlier that day but Vanessa just can’t believe her death was an accident or a suicide like many believe.   Now a family friend, Caleb, has gone missing and two male bodies have washed ashore grinning from ear to ear.  Vanessa, with the help of Caleb’s brother, a cute, geeky love interest for a change, set out to search for answers.  What they find is definitely unique in the paranormal genre. This is another trilogy where I just cannot wait for the final book, coming out in July! 

April 23, 2012

World Book Night

Happy World Book Night!  I was given the opportunity to participate in World Book Night and am so thankful to the publishers and authors that came together for such a great event and allowed us to give away books for free.  The book I selected to give away was The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.  It's a compelling memoir about Walls’ tumultuous upbringing and dysfunctional parents.