January 29, 2013

Vacation Reading is (Usually) the Best

I just got back from vacation which, to me, means crazy amounts of reading was to be completed.  I brought along a few books and was really counting on the hotel's book exchange "library" for more reading material but was pretty disappointed by the selection.  That hasn't happened before, next time I'm bringing several books and just dealing with the extra heft in my luggage.

I'll give you a brief overview of the four books I read on my trip:

Janet Evanovich's Visions of Sugar Plums: I brought this along because it was going to be a very quick read (finished it on the plane) and so that I could give it to the hotel's book exchange on arrival.

Karen White's After the Rain:  the first book I grabbed from the exchange, not something I would typically read, but it was alright.  Basically it's a girl meets boy, complications arise (surprise!), girl tries to run away, boy still wants girl after all the drama, girl gets boy in the end.  What a summary, right?!

R.J. Anderson's Quicksilver: I've been waiting to read this and had high hopes for it after loving Ultraviolet so much.  However, the story was sadly not as gripping as the first.  This companion novel follows Tori, the girl who goes missing in the first novel, as she tries to flee the cops and doctors tracking her who ultimately want to uncover her secret.  Fortunately, the characters from the first novel appear to help keep her free. 

Matthew Quick's Silver Linings Playbook: by far my favorite read of the week.  I haven't seen the movie and really hope they didn't muck it up.  It was a very heart-warming yet thought-provoking book and I think it really lives up to all the hype.  Go read it!

January 7, 2013

World Book Night, April 23, 2013

It's that time again.  World Book Night is back!  January 23rd is the last date to submit your application to be a Book Giver so get moving.  Last year was amazing and I can't wait to do it again.  WBN is the opportunity to choose one of your favorite books from a long list and help pass them out in your community to light or non-readers.  It's such a great opportunity to meet people in your community while talking about books!  Please sign up if you haven't already.