January 6, 2014

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

If I had read this book in print, I think I would have finished it in one sitting, maybe two.  However, I listened to the audiobook, in my car, mostly driving to and from work.  In other words, I dragged it out over several weeks.  This delayed gratification may have been the cause for my giddy excitement over this story.  Now enough about me...

Cath is a freshman at college.  Her twin sister, Wren, after spending the last 18 years in the same room with Cath, decided to live elsewhere.  Cath's roommate, Reagan, immediately reacts as though Cath's presence is a burden and Reagan's high school boyfriend is constantly hanging around their room.  Cath isn't sure college is for her, she's a quiet introvert who would much prefer to be writing fan fiction for the much loved Simon Snow series she has been reading since she was a kid.  You'll be so glad you came along for this coming of age story.