June 25, 2013

Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan

Whether a parent or not, you'll still find Dad is Fat hilarious.  I wisely opted to listen to the audiobook as it is read by Gaffigan himself, and really the only way it should be read.  He had me laughing even before he started reciting the text! Gaffigan has five kids.  All under the age of eight.  Living in a two bedroom apartment in New York City.  The daily goings-on in that apartment alone have to be ridiculous and with Gaffigan's voice and insight it's all the better.  Highly amusing!

June 13, 2013

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Even after hearing all the good reviews for Eleanor & Park I was still surprised by how much I liked it.  Outcasts, Eleanor, the new girl with crazy red hair, and Park, the half-Korean kid, regrettably find themselves sharing a bus seat to and from school.  Soon Park realizes Eleanor has been quietly reading his comics over his shoulder and they gradually start to talk about X-Men and The Smith's.  Eleanor's personal story takes time to unfold and we find out her home life is terrible; with an abusive stepfather who kicked her out a year ago.  And although Park's home life looks idyllic, especially to Eleanor, Park has his own father/son issues.  Their first love blossoms as their trust grows and they begin to lean on each other when life gets tough.