May 14, 2014

Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

In Open Road Summer, we get to ride along on a music tour across the country with America's Sweetheart, country music star, Lilah Montgomery and her BFF.  However, Lilah, Dee to her closest friends, is not the headliner or this fun summer read but rather her troubled best friend Reagan O'Neill.  Both girls are working on getting over a tough time in their lives and what a better way to do it than a girls' road trip complete with sold out concerts, live TV appearances, and magazine photo shoots.

However, when a photoshopped picture of Dee and her ex-boyfriend is leaked, her PR team needs to do some major damage control while Reagan needs to step up as Dee's best friend after years of their roles being reversed.  But when the PR team's answer is to bring in good guy Matt Finch as Dee's opening act and to let the rumor mill believe Dee and Matt are an item, Reagan has a difficult time keeping her feelings for Matt under control so as not to ruin Dee's public image any further.  What transpires is a feel good story of two best friends who are there for each other first and foremost despite fame.