January 18, 2015

When by Victoria Lauri

Maddie Fynn's life hasn't been too easy up till her Junior year of high school.  Since birth, she's been able to see a unique string of numbers on every person's forehead.  When her father dies at a young age, the numbers finally make sense.  They are each person's individual death date.  For almost a decade after, she has blamed herself for her father's work-related death, as her mother has been drinking herself into an early death of her own.

However, when Maddie gives a 'reading' to make extra cash things get much worse.  Maddie informs a wealthy woman, who has come to inquire about her ailing daughter, that it's her very heathy son who will die next week.  All kinds of attention is brought on Maddie for his mysterious death.  What follows is an intense, suspenseful ride as Maddie is suspected of murder, her best friend is thrown in jail, and her Ma's alcoholism hits an all-time low.  Can Maddie learn to ignore the numbers or will she use her gift to help those in need?